EXCLUSIVE: Courtney Stodden on Single Life -- the Unexpected App She's Using to Find Her Next Husband!

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Courtney Stodden, single and very ready to mingle.

“I’m feeling liberated,” the soon-to-be divorced TV personality tells ET. She and her husband of nearly six years, Doug Hutchison, called it quits in February.

“I was crazy married, but crazier single,” she admits. “Watch out.”

ET caught up with Stodden at OK! Magazine’s Summer Kickoff Party at the W Hollywood hotel on Wednesday night, where she stepped out solo.

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“I'm just ready to dive into dating,” she shares. “Seeing what I want, what I like. It's kind of like I'm finding myself. So, I'm excited. It's a new chapter for me.”

Stodden says she’s open to anything when it comes to a relationship, and could definitely see herself getting married again -- and in the near future.

“I feel like I'm making up for lost time,” she says. “I'm meeting so many different people. I'm going out on so many different dates ... even Uber drivers! Really! Like, a lot of different people. So, I mean, it's like crazy. I mean, I'm covering the spectrum in the dating world, so I'm excited.”

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As for her relationship with Hutchison now, Stodden says they’re still in regular contact.

“I mean, he's been my rock when nobody else has been there for me,” she confesses. “To have him cut out of my life is kind of depressing for me, 'cause he's been there for me, you know? We still talk, and he's so much to me still. I hate to say a father figure, but I mean, the age difference is 34 years, so... he's like family.”

Along with dating, Stodden is also focused on new music. She’s working on an EP -- but it won’t be released under the name Courtney Stodden.

“I’m gonna come out as a new stage name,” she shares. “Holly Woodland.”

For more on Stodden’s life post-split, check out the video below.