EXCLUSIVE: How Chris Blue Is Aiming to Be the First 'The Voice' Superstar

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Chris Blue
is ready for his next goal.

The morning after scoring a win as the season 12 champ on The Voice, running on no sleep and a smile that won't quit, Blue tells ET that he's more than ready to get to work on becoming the show's first true superstar.

"I've been thinking about that recently," Blue says of the winners that came before him, all of which have yet to achieve true superstardom. "I think the thing is to not stay planted too long here. The fact of the matter is, we won The Voice last night and that was the goal, to win The Voice. What's the next goal? Let's attack that just like we attacked this one. With that and a lot of grace from God, and a lot of praying. I'm praying that we'll be able to accomplish that."

"I would love to be that breakout star and come back to The Voice and say, 'Thank you,'" he continues. "Thank you, America, for what you created."

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The 27-year-old tackled a variety of different musical styles during his tenure on the NBC reality competition, covering everything from Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation,, " to Smokey Robinson's "Tracks of My Tears," to Prince's"Diamonds and Pearls" with coach Alicia Keys, to name a few. On his forthcoming debut album, Blue says that he hopes to create songs that fall into the "genre of hope."

"That's the business I'm in, I'm into releasing hope into the world," he says. "Our world is kinda struggling in that department right now. That's what I wanna feed. I believe that music is the only language that we all can relate to and I want to make sure that hope is tied to that, and love and joy."

In addition to his music aspirations, Blue also has his eye on a career in film.

"I look forward to really establishing my footprint in the music industry as well as the entertainment world completely," he admits. "I would love to get into acting in movies, I would love to be on the big screen."

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While Blue is eager to get to the next phase of his career, he'll first head into the next chapter of his relationship with his fiancee, Stephanie. The couple, whose emotional story was featured in his The Voice audition package, are set to tie the knot in July.

"[Stephanie] called me about a month ago in tears because we didn't have enough money to decorate the church or have wedding cars, and I said to her last night, 'Now, babe, you can get whatever you want,'" he says. As for a special appearance by his mentor, that's still up in the air. "I would love for Alicia to be there," he gushes. "That would be super special. I know she's kinda busy right now, but I"m gonna ask!"

Blue says that he and Alicia spent time reflecting on his journey after Tuesday's big win and that he remains grateful to have landed the final spot on her team during the blinds.

"I could tell she really cares about Chris, and I care about Alicia, and that's when you really make magic," he says. "When you want something not only for yourself but also for someone else, I think that kinda helps the motivational aspect of what you do. I don't know, man. She's more than a coach, she's a friend."

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