John Stamos and The Beach Boys Pay Tribute to Manchester Victims: 'We Stand With All of the U.K'

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John Stamos and The Beach Boys paid tribute to the victims of the Manchester bombing on Wednesday night, dedicating a moment of silence to those affected during their concert at the Scarborough Open Air Theatre in the U.K.

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"Because nothing heals more than a song," the Full House actor said in a video shared on Instagram.

“The violence in Manchester Monday evening is so heartbreaking," Beach Boy Bruce Johnston added. "Our prayers tonight are with all the victims, the wounded and their loved ones. We stand with the people of Manchester. We stand with all of the U.K."

Mike Love also addressed the crowd, "We've been bringing people together for 55 years. We are like all those kids at the concert the other night. They are in our hearts forever. Please join us for a moment of silence."

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After the show, Stamos took to social media to send more prayers to Manchester. "Never underestimate the power of togetherness, the power of a SONG! Nothing heals like music," he wrote on Instagram alongside the hashtags #TheBeachBoys #EuropeanTour #pray4manchester.

On Tuesday, Stamos – who was less than a mile from where Monday's attacks took place – penned an emotional tribute, reflecting on the attack that took 22 lives.

"As I sit in my hotel room, less than half a mile from the attack, I can’t help but think of these young kids who just wanted to go to a concert and sing and dance and be taken away if just for the night," the 53-year-old actor wrote. "I was one of those kids doing the same when I was young hanging out at Beach Boys shows. The songs may be different… but it’s the same joy those young kids felt Monday night in Manchester."