EXCLUSIVE: 'Survivor' Winner Sarah Lacina on How She'll Spend Her $1 Million: 'I Want to Be Smart With It'

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Sarah Lacina's meticulous game won her the million dollar prize on Wednesday's season finale of Survivor: Game Changers -- and she plans to be just as careful with her money.

"I've had nine months to think about it!" she told ET on the red carpet, revealing how she'll spend her money after being announced as season 34's Sole Survivor.

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"I'm going to tie it to my church, obviously. Ten percent is going to church off the top, and then my husband and I just want to build a home, and set money aside for retirement," Lacina continued. "It's really boring, but that's really what's going to happen."

Lacina's plan is airtight -- with no room for impulse purchases.

"I want to be smart with it because a million dollars can go quickly," she shared. "I'm just, I'm really good with my money, and I'll just continue that way."

The two-time player said she was "90 percent sure" she was going to win the top prize over Troy "Troyzan" Robertson and Brad Culpepper going into the finale, but wasn't positive until host Jeff Probst read the votes.

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"I hurt people really bad, and you can't be 100 percent sure," she explained. "I kept telling my husband, 'Until they finally announce the winner, I won't believe it.'"

Lacina won by a 7-3 vote, but that doesn't mean she's willing to do it all over again, like this season's Sandra Diaz-Twine, who came in with two wins under her belt. 

"No [I don't think I'll play again], because I've done, like, what you go to do," she confessed. "If the right opportunity presents itself, yes, [I would do it], but right now, I just kind of want to enjoy my life where it's at right now. I don't really want to play right now."

returns with an all-new season, Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, next fall on CBS.

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