EXCLUSIVE: The Cast of 'Stitchers' Talks Season 3 Romances And The Real Life Murders They Would Solve


The cast of 'Stitchers' give ET the scoop on what to expect in the upcoming third season

It’s been over a year since Freeform’s only procedural drama, Stitchers, graced television screens with its season two finale, making the third season’s return more anticipated than ever -- and also requiring a bit of a refresher for viewers.

The series follows a government agency where people can “stitch” into the memories of people recently killed to investigate their unsolved murders.

For those that haven’t been binge-watching the entire series in preparation, the most important tidbit to remember from last season’s dramatic cliffhanger is Kirsten (Emma Ishta) was trapped in her own stitch memory while Cameron (Kyle Harris) did everything he could to bring her back out.

So where will our favorite team of scientific investigative murderers be when we pick up with them again? ET exclusively caught up with the cast ahead of the June 5 season premiere, and it looks like we will find them exactly where we left them.

“We’re still in the cliffhanger,” Ishta says. “[Emma] is still stuck, so the big question is, ‘how do we get her out of the stitch?’”

“Cameron has not left Kirsten’s side from when we last saw him,” Harris tells ET. “He says, ‘no matter how long it takes I will never leave you,’ and we pick up and he is still staying true to his word right there holding her hand.”

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Despite the tragic news of Kirsten still being stuck in the stitch, the news that Cameron remains by her side is something fans of the science fiction procedural can take comfort in. The relationship shippers for Stitchers are some of the strongest on social media -- dubbing the aforementioned couple as “Camsten.”

“Part of the reason we got a season three is because our fans were relentless on social media,” Ritesh Rajan, who portrays the quirky yet lovable Linus on the series, tells ET.

“I don’t know if it’s possible to root for [Camsten] as much as the fans,” Ishta says with a laugh.

“This season we start to see them go into that relationship and how they deal with that in the workplace and outside the workplace,” Harris teases.


A collective cheer could be heard from Stitchers fans everywhere as the coupling of Camsten has been something viewers have been rooting for since the very beginning. It’s not too surprising, given the undeniable chemistry between Ishta and Harris.

“We are going on three years of working together and we are good friends and just have fun,” Ishta says. “We just laugh and joke a lot, there has been a lot of that this season. My ribs hurt from laughing so much.”

While Linus and his on-again-off-again relationship with Kirsten’s roommate Camille (Allison Scagliotti) is officially off at the moment, the other couple fans can get behind is the bromance between Cameron and Linus.

So if it came down to it, who would the “Men of Science” choose: their romantic partner or their best pal?

“I’m gonna go with Camsten,” Harris responds. “I think Linus would understand and probably do the same thing.”

This is going to be awkward.

“I think Linus would pick ‘Men of Science,’” Rajan says without questioning it. “He has learned from the past two seasons that the relationship he has with Cameron really does go to the next level.”

Thankfully, when Rajan learned who Harris picked there were no hard feelings.

“[Camsten’s] situation is different,” Rajan clarifies. “Moving forward in season three you will see a lot of scenarios where Cameron is trying to protect Kirsten, and for him that is the priority.”

Moving on from the relationships, there is still plenty more for fans to look forward to when the series makes its long awaited return.

“The cases that we work on this season are a lot more involved, complicated, darker, edgier and sexier,” Rajan promises.

While fans may not have been thrilled with the year-long hiatus on the show, for Ishta, it provided her a much needed break to take on an even bigger job: motherhood.

Ishta welcomed her son, Torin, last June after wrapping the show’s second season.

“He has a little trailer on set!” Ishta says cheerfully. “It’s been amazing, who gets to go back to work and have their children with them? I’m really lucky.”

“He’s part of the gang,” Rajan adds. “We have to figure out how to make him a featured extra by the end of it. We should start his career young.”

“I do little shoulder presses with him at lunch,” Harris boasts. “I lift him on my head and bring him back down trying to keep in shape that way.”

“Ritesh and I are looking for a little onesie cat suit like the one Kirsten wears on the show, I think that would be pretty cute,” Harris adds.

When the cast is not gushing over Ishta’s adorable son, they think about what real-life unsolved murders they would solve if the stitching program their show is based on actually existed.

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“The Black Dahlia was never solved, right?” Ishta asks inquisitively. “It’s one of the most famous murder crimes and it was never solved and I don’t think they ever really came close to solving it.”

“I would probably do the Making a Murderer case with Steven Avery,” Harris says. “That’s definitely the one in recent history that’s the most enticing to me that I would love to get to the bottom of.”

True to form, his trusty sidekick concurs with that choice.

“I would have to do the case from Making a Murderer, I’d have to finally put it to rest and see if Steven Avery actually did it or not,” Rajan says.

Evidently, the opportunity to solve such crimes may not be so far off into the distant future as one might have thought.

“When Kyle and I were shooting the pilot we had a bunch of women come by from Google,” Ishta reveals. “We had some big conversations and they were saying there are some similar things being worked on all the time.”

Until then, you can catch up on previous seasons of Stitchers on Hulu and the Freeform app, and make sure to check out the third season premiere on June 5.