Troian Bellisario Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder and How it Inspired Her New Film 'Feed'

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Troian Bellisario
is opening up about her struggles with an eating disorder, which will be the subject of her new film Feed.

The 31-year-old actress
recently opened up in an sit down with Pretty Little Liars director Lesli Linka Glatter, for Interview magazine, where she got candid about her recovery and how her battle with an eating disorder informed her new film, which she wrote and stars in.

"I found there were so many people who thought that it was about losing weight or being skinny, and I couldn't quite get them to understand that it was about control on a very, very literal level," Bellisario explained.

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According to the actress, her eating disorder made her feel very isolated and at times it was increasingly difficult to get people to understand what she was going through.

"I couldn't get anyone—even the people who loved me the most, even my boyfriend or my mother or my father—to understand what that experience was truly like for me," she recalled.

Bellisario also addressed the impetuous for penning Feed, sharing, '"If I can tell a story that puts the audience in a position to make a similar choice to the one that I made in my young life, maybe I could get them to empathize."

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In Feed, which the actress said she wrote before she ever joined the cast of Pretty Little Liars, Bellisario stars opposite Harry Potter star Tom Felton, and the film explores themes of Anorexia, depression and isolation.

, also starring James Remar and directed by Tommy Bertelsen, is due out on VoD and digital platforms July 18.

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