Dani Mathers Tearfully Apologizes After Body Shaming Incident: 'I Just Wasn't Thinking'

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Dani Mathers is still dealing with the consequences of body shaming a 70-year-old woman at an L.A. Fitness last July.

In her first interview since the incident sparked outrage -- as well as an LAPD investigation -- the 30-year-old Playboy model emotionally details how her life has changed since the incident, fighting back tears.

"To hide out at my mother's house at age 30, because of something I've done, it just felt really low," Mathers says in a taped segment for ABC News, which aired on Good Morning America on Wednesday.

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Last July, Mathers posted a photo to Snapchat of a naked woman in the locker room of an L.A. Fitness without her knowledge, with a caption that read, "If I can't unsee this, then you can't either." The model says she has tried to reach out to the woman, though her attempts have been unsuccessful.

"I just want her to be able to move on and move forward in her life, and not feel judged or that what she was doing was being ridiculed, because it had nothing to do with that and I’m so sorry," she says.

Last Wednesday, Mathers pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor count of invasion of privacy. She will have to perform 30 days of graffiti removal, serve 36 months probation and will also have to pay $60 to the victim for restitution. Mathers says she has definitely learned from the experience.

"I didn't have an intention of breaking the law, I just wasn't thinking to be honest," she admits. "It's taught me a lot about privacy. I've lost a lot of that myself as well. We've had a lot of paparazzi involved in my family life. I had my privacy taken away after I took someone else's."

Mathers says she still has a great relationship with Playboy, though she is unable to work for the brand due to the "sensitivity" of the issue. She calls the increased fame she's received from the body shaming incident "backwards."

"It doesn't feel right ... that's not how I'm gonna choose to remember my life and my career," she says. "This is something that I'm never going to forget happened. I'm going to continue learning and growing from."

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Mathers' attorney, Tom Meserau, told ET last week that the 2015 Playboy Playmate of the Year is "remorseful about what happened," and that she "looks forward to a new chapter in her life."

"She is very relieved that this ordeal is coming to an end," Meserau said of his client. "She is very apologetic and remorseful about what happened. She looks forward to a new chapter in her life. We are very relieved she is not going to spend one day in jail and did not have to plead guilty to any charge. She plead to 'no contest' to a misdemeanor."