EXCLUSIVE: Lea Michele Talks First Show Without Ryan Murphy, Takes Instagram Bed Series 'to the Next Level'

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Lea Michele is shacking up with ABC -- and leaving Ryan Murphy!

ET's Courtney Tezeno caught up with the 30-year-old actress at the 14th Annual Step Up Inspiration Awards presented by Coach in Los Angeles on Friday, where she opened up about The Mayor, her first show without Ryan Murphy, and a few other special projects she has in the works.

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"I've been doing a lot of political research and stuff like that, so its fun for me," Michele said of her role on The Mayor, which centers on what happens when a hip-hop artist runs for mayor to promote his mix-tape, and actually ends up winning. "I mean, obviously I've played very driven characters before, [but my character's] love and passion for politics is sort of new for me. So I've been brushing up on a lot of my legal jargon."

The ABC comedy is a departure from Michele's previous credits with Murphy, Glee and Scream Queens, but she said she would "of course" love to star in another Murphy production down the line.

"Oh my god! Of course! But I'm really excited I'm going to be on a new show, and I love my boys on the show," she said. "I've been working with girls the past couple of years, but I love my Scream Queens, and I obviously love Ryan Murphy. So I will come back whenever he will have me."

In between shows, Michele has been making headlines with her Instagram "Bed Series," which she hinted might turn into something even bigger.

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"We're actually going to take the bed series to the next level," she said of her nearly-nude photographs. "We're going to do a real fun shoot coming up soon. So we're going to hire a professional photographer."

See more on Michele's "Bed Series" in the video below.