EXCLUSIVE: Julie Chen Praises George Clooney's Dad Skills and 8 More A-List Pals Who Can't Stop Gushing!

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Nobody is more excited about George Clooney becoming a dad than his A-list friends.

The 56-year-old actor and his wife, 39-year-old Amal, welcomed their twin babies, Ella and Alexander, on Tuesday. Of course, a few of Clooney's famous pals haven't been shy about giving their thoughts on the former notorious bachelor becoming a father of two.

On Tuesday, ET spoke exclusively to The Talk host Julie Chen -- who first broke the news that Amal was expecting twins in February -- and she had nothing but confidence in her pal's parenting skills.

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"I think he's going to be the fun dad who also knows how to give a child boundaries," Chen told ET's Kevin Frazier. "I think you're going to see a guy who thought he never wanted this and then he's going to go above and beyond. I was one of those people who thought I didn't want it, and then when you get it, you're like, 'Oh my gosh, how did I almost miss out?' I think he's going to be an excellent dad."

However, she doesn't think the couple will consider having more kids.

"Two is a lot," Chen, a mother to her 7-year-old son, Charlie, noted.

ET also broke the big news to Salma Hayek on Tuesday when we spoke with her at the Beatriz at Dinner junket.

"I'm so happy for them, they're going to be beautiful kids for sure," Hayek said.

"Amal is Lebanese like me. I think he's going to have to fight his way to touch those kids because between Amal, her sister, the mother and everybody being around those kids, he's not going to have to change any diapers," she also joked. "It's going to be a happy house."

Meanwhile, Clooney's Ocean's Eleven co-star, Matt Damon, had no problem ribbing the two-time Oscar winner when ET spoke with him at The Great Wall junket in February. Damon is a father of four daughters with wife Luciana Barroso.

"I've never had twins. He has it coming," Damon joked. "I had them one at a time, you know, and that was plenty."

"Look, the two of them, they're just great people and they're going to be great parents," he continued, getting serious. "It's going to be a huge challenge. I mean, one baby cries, wakes the other up. It's going to be on in that household, [but] he doesn't sleep a lot anyway. He'll be alright. I'm serious, he's got a hell of a work ethic."

Damon also recalled to ET Canada the touching moment Clooney told him he was going to be dad.

"I was working with him last fall, and he pulled me aside on set, and I mean, I almost started crying," he shared. "I was so happy for him."

"I'm thrilled for him. She's amazing," he also gushed about Amal. "He hit the jackpot, just on every level. She is a remarkable woman. They're going to be awesome parents. Those kids are lucky."

Meanwhile, Clooney's Ocean's Eleven love interest, Julia Roberts, shared her thoughts on the actor raising twins during her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last month. Roberts is herself a mother to 12-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, as well as her 9-year-old son, Henry.

"Well, it's going to be so fun," Roberts told DeGeneres. "They are a great couple, and I think they don't need advice from me or anyone else because, also, nobody's there with you at 3 o'clock in the morning when you're just going, 'What am I doing? Where did they come from and when are they going?'"

"And then you sort of get through it and figure it out," she added. "And everybody does, and it's a trial and error and a whole lot of tears and it's amazing. I have three incredible kids and to think about when they were teeny tiny. It goes so fast."

Denzel Washington also had some advice for Clooney after raising twins himself, 26-year-old Olivia and Malcolm.

"Sleep now!" Washington quipped when we spoke with the Fences star at the 2017 NAACP Awards in February. "Because you won't be sleeping then! I'm not talking to George, I'm talking to his wife. Sleep now!"

"He's gonna need support, and not from an actor," he added. "It's going to be a real performance. He'll see, but it's beautiful. We have twins and they're grown now, but it's a miracle."

Clooney's pal, Julianne Moore, had some sweet words for Clooney when we spoke to her at CinemaCon in March. Moore, a mother of two, stars in Clooney's upcoming film, Suburbicon.

"I'm very, very excited for him," Moore told ET. "I think that there's nothing better than having a baby unless it's having two. So, I think he'll have a great time. And he's a natural, you know -- he'll be a natural father. I think he's great. He was great with the little kid on our set. He was really, really wonderful."

Clooney's BFF, Rande Gerber, and his wife, supermodel Cindy Crawford, also echoed the notion that the former ER actor will be a natural father.

"George has always been so great with our kids that he doesn't need advice," Gerber told People in March. "He is going to be an amazing dad, Amal is going to be an incredible mother."

Though according to Crawford, Clooney not surprisingly has a bit of a naughty side. Crawford recalled how she and her husband used to make their children -- 17-year-old Presley and 15-year-old Kaia -- put a dollar in a jar each time they said a curse word, though Clooney would help them out.

"So, George would just give them a hundred bucks at the beginning of the trip," Crawford told the magazine. "His kids might be well-versed in cursing, but I'm sure Amal will temper that."

ET recently spoke with Clooney's Batman & Robin co-star, Chris O'Donnell -- himself a father of five -- during our NCIS: Los Angeles season finale set visit, who had words of praise for his longtime friend.

"George will be a great dad!" O'Donnell gushed. "He told [my wife and I] the good news and we were very excited to hear it for him. And it's crazy!"

"I mean, he's been the ultimate bachelor for so long and ... I got married so young, and you know, kind of sit there with the magazines, like, 'Look at this life that this guy is living,' and I've been changing diapers for the rest of my life," he joked. "So it's time for him to start paying his dues, I guess."

Clooney himself talked about the life-changing new role when he sat down with French film journalist Laurent Weil on his program, Rencontres de Cinema, on French TV's Canal+ in February.

"We are really happy and really excited," Clooney said of his and Amal's mindset at the time. "It's going to be an adventure."

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On Tuesday, the couple sent out a statement confirming they've welcomed their twins, sharing that Amal as well as their newborns are all "healthy, happy and doing fine."

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