Charlize Theron Says Her Kids Describe Her Job as 'Playing Halloween,' Takes Foul Shots in a Designer Dress


Theron took the shots on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Charlize Theron is the coolest mom ever! The 41-year-old actress visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday where she opened up about her kids’ perception of her career.

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“At a very young age, someone asked my eldest, ‘What does your mom do for a living?’” Theron said of her son, Jackson. “He just straight up was like, ‘Uh, she does Halloween for a living’… I realize that they’ve just seen me do such crazy-a** stuff.”

Later in the show, the mother of two also embraced her South African roots using a korfball to shoot some hoops for the Kimmel audience. Clad in a black designer gown, Theron tried a shot from the half-court line before moving up to take a foul shot.

On her third try, she sunk the shot, winning everyone a pair of Kevin Durant sneakers.

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“There’s no way to do that gracefully,” Theron told Kimmel of the “granny”-style way korfball players are supposed to shoot the ball.

For more from Theron, watch the clip below!