John Cena Teams Up With Crocs Campaign to Stand Up Against Bullying

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Pro wrestler John Cena may be a tough guy on screen and in the ring, but it hasn't always been the case. Cena recently admitted that he "was bullied as a kid.”

The star shared how he was teased for liking rap and dressing like a hip hop artist, but now he’s trying to help others.

To celebrate individuality, Cena teamed up with Crocs on their "Come As You Are" campaign -- taking a trip to the famous Muscle Beach in Venice, California, to counsel young people about being bullied.

"If you could confront all those people from your past, what would you say to them?" Cena asked.

The campaign aims to celebrate uniqueness and inspire everyone to feel comfortable in their own shoes.

For more information about the "Come As You Are" campaign, check out the Crocs website.