EXCLUSIVE: Bella Thorne Says She's Still 'Chilling' With Scott Disick Following Cannes Drama: 'We're Cool'

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There's no hard feelings between Bella Thorne and Scott Disick.

The Famous in Love actress and her co-stars, Charlie DePew and Carter Jenkins, stopped by ET on Tuesday to chat with Katie Krause about the season finale of their Freeform series and answer some questions from fans.

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"Single like a Pringle," Thorne replied when the cast was asked if they were "famous in love" or "just famous and single." "I'm just chillin' guys."

The 19-year-old starlet was recently spotted with both Scott Disick and her ex-boyfriend, Gregg Sulkin, but during the Facebook Live, her fans seemed to want to know what happened between her and the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star.

"We're chillin', we're friends, we're cool," she replied. "I literally just saw him, so it's literally all chill."

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Thorne was spotted last month cuddling up with the 34-year-old reality star in Cannes, France. The following day, Disick was seen with a couple of new ladies by his side and continued to switch gal pals every day during his trip.

The former Disney star is used to the spotlight but told ET during the interview that she "literally cannot leave the house without a photo" of her being taken.

"It's hard because the paparazzi, literally, they know where I live," she shared. "Most of the time I'm just chillin', I'm just hanging out. I'm not dating anybody. Yeah, if I just want to go hang out with someone, I should be allowed to do that. But as soon as I step out of my house I have to take that commitment of being like, 'Oh god, what are people going to say? Who is going to write this about me?'"

"And that makes you so unhappy. That kind of stuff, if you have to think about doing that before every single time you hang out with anybody, guy or girl, that is so difficult," Thorne added. "You would just be like, 'Forget it, f**k it. I don't want to do any of this. I'm just gonna be a hermit and stay in my house and never leave because this sucks.'"

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When asked if she wished the attention would all go away, Thorne replied, "I feel like, with anything, everything has its ups and downs."

"There's so many great things about that side of it, in a way that someone will see a paparazzi photo of me where I have no makeup on, my skin looks a mess and some girl will say to me, 'Hey, by the way, the fact that you go out with your acne and you don't wear makeup, that makes me so happy because now I can feel like I can do that.' That is amazing. That is the part that you strive for every day," she expressed. "And then there's the downside of everybody being like, 'Oh my god, what is she doing?' But it's all just, like, whatever."

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