'This Is Us' Star Milo Ventimiglia Takes Adorable Selfie With Couple on the Subway

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Milo Ventimiglia loves his fans.

The This is Us star made some "new friends" while on the subway in New York City on Friday.

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"This is my new friend Steve and his lady. They're from Saskatoon, I'm from LA. Met in NYC on a subway. Promised I'd send the photo. ✈️?MV," Ventimiglia, 39, tweeted alongside a selfie with an older couple smiling by his side.

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ET recently spoke with Ventimiglia about his standout performance ​o​n the hit NBC show and how he appreciates the new journey that he is on as an actor.

"The older I’ve gotten, the less I’ve been interested in [chasing] the grand success of a young man, where you think you’re going to take over the world, you’re going to win awards, you’re going to be the biggest movie star,” Ventimiglia told ET. "Those things fade into 'I’m a working actor,' and that is one of the most satisfying things in an industry that has no guarantees."

For more on Ventimiglia, watch below.

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