Kim Kardashian Says She's 'Terrified' Her Children Will be Bullied on Social Media

The reality star co-hosted 'The View' and talked about how her life has changed since being robbed in October.

Kim Kardashian West reveals that even with being a reality star and a social media staple, she still finds time to unplug.

The mother of two co-hosted an episode of The View that aired on Tuesday, and shared that she has put some boundaries in place when it comes to social media and the use of phones when with her and Kanye West's children, 1-year-old Saint and 4-year-old North. Kim told the co-hosts of the daytime talk show that she tries to turn off her electronics completely, and has met with child psychologists for "tips and tricks" on how to raise her kids in a digital age.

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"I didn't grow up in a world of social media," she noted. "Kids should not be falling asleep with their cell phones."

This new outlook comes after Kim, 36, was robbed at gunpoint while at her hotel in Paris, France, last October, and said the experience changed how she communicates with her fans. The alleged ringleader behind the robbery reportedly told police that it was the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star's social media posts that helped the robbers pull off the heist, as they could somewhat track her location and what jewelry she was wearing.

"It's hard for me to post my every move," she confided. "I do like to keep things for myself. I don't think things have to be for everyone."

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Kim added, "It's a great lesson for me to teach my kids. ...I think boundaries are so important."

As for how she faces her own bullies on social media since becoming a reality star, Kim said she has developed a "thick skin."

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"I don't think this is for everyone. I can see why people get really hurt and really bothered by it," she said of being a reality star. "I do break down at times. It's not OK for people to be saying these awful things."

Kim's mother, Kris Jenner, shared similar sentiments during a panel discussion with The Hollywood Reporter, confessing that she too fears for her six grandchildren being raised in such a famous family. Here's a look at the momager's recent interview: