Kim Kardashian Shares Tips on Getting a 'Cute Nose' and Bigger Lips in New Makeup Tutorial

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Want a “cute nose,” shorter forehead and bigger lips?

As she celebrates the launch of her new makeup line, KKW Beauty, Kim Kardashian posted an online tutorial showing fans exactly how to achieve such looks!

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“If I literally was stranded and only had this product this is exactly what I would do,” she says while using a matte highlighter to brighten areas she wants to conceal under her eyes and around her nose.

In the video, which was shared on her app, the 36-year-old reality star also demonstrates how she uses a lighter contour on the tip of her nose “cause it shortens your nose and makes it look so cute,” what she does to make her forehead appear smaller, and how applying bronzer as eyeshadow makes her look “alive.”

The line marks the entrepreneur’s first standalone beauty venture and was expected to make $14.4 million within minutes of going on sale on Tuesday.

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Leading up to the launch, the mom of two collaborated with sister Kylie Jenner for a lipstick set which was released in April as part of Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics line.

See more on the collab below.

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