Kelly Clarkson, Shonda Rhimes, Ben Stiller and More Celebs Sing 'Hamilton' Songs to Support #Ham4All


Celebrities, they get the job done! By now it’s clear that Hamilton isn’t just a success with avid theater fans, but the hit Broadway musical has also become an international sensation. To celebrate the August premiere of the Los Angeles show, creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is hosting a Prizeo contest that many celebs have gotten involved with.

The #Ham4All contest requires fans to sing an excerpt from their favorite Hamilton song to win tickets, airfare, and a hotel stay in L.A. They also have to donate $10 to the Immigrants We Get the Job Done coalition, which goes to help immigrants and refugees in America (

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Miranda has called on many of his famous friends to help promote the contest.

Ben Stiller and his daughter, Ella, went all out, telling fans about #Ham4All before singing the two parts of “Non-Stop,” as Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, respectively.

Jane the Virgin lead, Gina Rodriguez, gave a heartfelt rendition of “Dear Theodosia,” on Twitter, writing, “I just donated to support the Immigrants: We Get the Job Done Coalition, I challenge @justinbaldoni and @SophiaBush to do the same!#Ham4All.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Melissa Fumero rapped Angelica’s verse in “The Schuyler Sisters,” on Instagram, writing, “I challenge @iamstephbeatz & @bethdover1 to donate & sing their favorite song from #Hamilton!! Donate to the Immigrants: We Get the Job Done Coalition and enter to win a free trip to LA for the opening night of Hamilton! #Ham4All.”

Though she’s known for writing epic dramas and dialogue, show creator and script writer Shonda Rhimes was no match for Miranda’s verbose rhymes, tackling the complex rap of James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and Aaron Burr in “Washington on Your Side.”

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“Lin, this very is hard!” Rhimes said after flubbing one line. Naturally, the pro went for a second try and slayed.

But no one can compare with Kelly Clarkson’s simple-yet-beautiful, “It’s quiet uptown.”

Watch all the clips, and see the video below for more Hamilton fun!