'Friends' Co-Stars Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow Reunite for a Night Out in Beverly Hills

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Monica and Phoebe traded the Big Apple for Beverly Hills!

On Tuesday night, Courteney Cox reunited with herFriends co-star, Lisa Kudrow, over dinner at The Palm, and the two were spotted outside the eatery sharing a kiss on the cheek goodbye -- giving Friends fans all the feels!

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Both actresses looked casually chic for their night out. Cox, 53, was dressed in a striped sweater, jeans and small heels, while Kudrow, also 53, wore a loose-fitting black top, boot-cut jeans and sandals.

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Meanwhile, Friends superfan Kit Lovelace debuted her research that estimated just how many cups of coffee the six friends on the sitcom had while hanging out at Central Perk during the course of the series. According to Lovelace, Phoebe (Kudrow) had the most coffee, ordering 227 cups, while Monica (Cox) came in third behind Chandler (Matthew Perry) with 198 cups.

As for the recent fan theory that "all 10 seasons were merely [Phoebe's] fevered imagination, projecting herself into the lives of the others," ET got Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman's take on it.

Check out her surprise on what she calls a "terrible theory":

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