Sophia Bush Sends Sweet Birthday Message to 'One Tree Hill' Co-Star Hilarie Burton: 'Breyton 4eva'


"Breyton 4eva!"

Sophia Bush took to Instagram on Saturday to wish a happy 35th birthday to her former One Tree Hill co-star, Hilarie Burton.

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"Happiest Birthday to my sweet @hilarieburton," Bush, 34, began her note. "Sister! We've been through a lot. At least 374 hair colors together. Crushes. Heartbreaks. Hangovers. Halloweens. Tears and laughter. Fear and joy. Successes and burn-it-to-the-ground failures. We've fought like rams and loved like family."

"It's such a thrill to be in this place with you, 14 years after we first met and danced too late in bars -- still giddy that we were finally 21 -- and to watch you shine. You're a champion for your community. An incredible mom. You're the alpaca whisperer. You're whip smart and razor sharp and deeply tender," she continued. "There is no one I would have rather been on the world's most insane roller coaster with. And I'm so glad there's evidence that we both used to overpluck our eyebrows, undeniably, on the internet forever. At least we're not alone."

"I love you mama," Bush concluded. "#Breyton4eva #BreytonFeels #ShesMine #BetterInRealLife."

Because Bush and Burton literally ARE Brooke and Peyton, the birthday girl responded with her own sweet message about their friendship.

"You are just........the prettiest inside and out. I love the wild women we've evolved into TOGETHER," Burton replied. "Thank you for unconditional friendship and for being my style icon!!!! Seriously Soph. You're magic. I love you. Xxxxxxxx."

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ET caught up with James Lafferty last year, who revealed that he's already got some ideas for a One Tree Hill revival. 

"Nathan's gone back into basketball, coaching in the NBA," he brainstormed. "Haley's got an incredible music career. Jamie, I think, is on his way to the NBA and then maybe there's a few more, like 14 more, Scott kids coming through the pipeline."

See more in the video below.

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