Former 'Bachelorette' Jillian Harris Opens Up About Romantic Proposal & Talks Baby No. 2!

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Jillian Harris is finally opening up about her romantic Christmas morning proposal!

The former Bachelorette star took to her blog on Wednesday to share details of the special day, six months after she said "Yes!"

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"I've had soooo many people asking me about our engagement since December and I‘ve FINALLY found some time to share my version of our engagement with you!!" Harris wrote, adding that a Christmas morning proposal has always been her dream. 

"Justin [Pasutto] is the type of guy that beats to his own drum and generally when I tell him to do something he likes to do the opposite!" she explained, sharing that she never thought he would actually propose on the holiday. "It’s something that frustrates me sometimes but at the same time I love that quality about him, he knows what he wants and he doesn’t let others influence his decisions."

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"Fast forward to Christmas morning…I'm in bed and Justin is up roaming around the hotel room (which is strange in the first place because I'm ALWAYS the first one up!)… His original plan was to do it later that morning but I think he started getting nervous so he had the urge to do it RIGHT AWAY," Harris recalled. "The night before I had been sent some macaroons to the room and I wanted to take a photo of them the next morning so I left them on the table over night. Justin's plan was that he would put the ring box in the macaroon box and then get me to open it up! Pretty easy task, right? Wrong. LOL!!"

After several failed attempts, Pasutto finally convinced the brunette beauty to open the box.

"I just remember staring at the ring and being so confused and thinking it was a joke or that I was being punked … and then it hit me," Harris said. "HOLY S**T … THIS IS HAPPENING. NOW. ON CHRISTMAS MORNING!!! HOLY F**K!!!!! HE DID IT!!!! OMG OMG OMG … GET THE BABY, I'M NOT DRESSED, I LOOK LIKE A DISASTER, OMG HE IS PROPOSING, SAY YES SAY YES … WHERE'S THE BABY! LOL."

Harris explained that while she and Pasutto (who share an 11-month-old son, Leo) couldn't be happier to be engaged, it might be a year or two before they actually walk down the aisle.

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"We’re actually considering getting married on our property but we want to get the landscaping done first," she wrote. "We’re also talking about baby number two soooo the wedding might just be pushed for a few years yet!"

Harris and Pasutto's engagement will air on Wednesday's episode of Jillian and Justin, a four-part documentary series on the W Network.

See more on the couple in the video below.