Amanda Seyfried Opens Up About Breastfeeding Stigmas, Talks About Her On-Stage Panic Attacks

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Amanda Seyfried isn’t afraid to open up. The 31-year-old actress has been extremely candid since welcoming her first child with husband, Thomas Sadoski, in March.

On Wednesday, she took to Twitter to talk about the stigmas surrounding breastfeeding, writing, “Breastfeeding is awesome. Formula is awesome. Feeding your baby is awesome. Not awesome? Judgement.”

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She then shared a quote from Maureen Shaw on Twitter, writing, “’Breasts are intended to feed babies. With all our progress on feminist issues, how can such a simple biological imperative remain so stigmatized? In a word: sex. We live in a culture comfortable with exploiting breasts to sell burgers, for goodness sake. How would you rather your body be portrayed?’”

Seyfried also appeared on the Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy Podcast, where she got candid about her own personal anxieties. One of her biggest fears is performing on stage. Then in 2015 she performed in the off-Broadway show The Way We Get By, where she met Sadoski. And though the experience was life-changing in more ways than one, Seyfried admitted that she would experience regular panic attacks.

“I started having panic attacks every six or seven shows,” she revealed. “It feels like you’re going to die. It feels like you need to leave the stage. I would act through them, and I would just connect with Tommy. And he would always be aware of it. He would recognize that thousand yard stare. And then he would bring me back and the lines would keep flowing but my whole body would be cold and I’d be sweating at the same time.”

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Seyfried noted that the episodes happened in the middle of the show, but she was able to make it through thanks to her now-husband.

“It would only last 60 seconds and then I’d get through it. It would pass on stage in front of everybody,” she said. “There’s no way [the audience] would know, just Tommy and my mom.”

Seyfried noted that she definitely prefers to be in front of a camera than a live audience, and also opened up about the “amazing” experience of her first film role in Mean Girls.

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“I also didn’t have any expectations. I was just going to work every day. I was 17 and I had just graduated,” she said. “Everybody was so nice, and everybody was so happy to be there. And there was so much free food and I’d never been around it before. They had me in a girdle because I was 17 and there was free food around.”

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