EXCLUSIVE: Chris Hemsworth Says His Kids Are 'Not Impressed' by His Film Career: They're Like 'Whatever'

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Elsa Pataky couldn't be more supportive of husband Chris Hemsworth's film career, but the same can't be said for their children.

ET's Jennifer Peros caught up with Hemsworth in New York City on Tuesday, where he opened up about how Pataky has kept him "healthy" throughout the years -- and how two of their three kids couldn't care less about his cinematic accomplishments.

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"We all need to be tempered and kind of reeled in occasionally by our significant others," the 33-year-old actor revealed. "My wife's kept me very healthy over the years."

"She's great at just kind of being incredibly optimistic that it'll work out. I'm not pessimistic, but I'm certainly cautious at times or kind of concerned, 'Oh, what if this happens, or this, or this?' And she's like, 'It's fine. You're on a good thing,'" he explained. "She makes me enjoy it, you know. She makes me kind of just go, 'You've worked your a** off. Now have fun. Enjoy it. And continue to work and apply that same sort of, you know, commitment but you're allowed to enjoy it too.' I think I kind of get too caught up in 'oh god.'"

On Monday, Hemsworth announced his new Hugo Boss campaign on Instagram.

"Excited to announce I'll be smelling amazing fronting the @hugoboss #BOSSbottled fragrance campaign as the #ManOfToday," he wrote. "More coming soon... "

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Hemsworth shares three young children with Pataky -- 5-year-old daughter India and 3-year-old twin sons Sasha and Tristan -- and said they all understand what their parents do for a living... but only one of them is impressed.

"I come home from work and one of my boys in particular is like, 'Did you fight the monsters, Papa? Did you hear the monsters?' He knows Thor, and the other two, they're just not impressed," he shared. "They're like, 'Yeah, my dad's Thor, whatever!' And it's... the line between the fantasy of what's on TV and how it relates to real life."

"At least one of them likes me. One out of three's pretty good," he added.

Hemsworth, who has been working with The Australian Childhood Foundation for years, said his involvement with the charity has influenced the way he raises his own children.

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"It made me kind of want to give my kids the same environment I had as a child," he said. All the things that made me feel safe and confident and loved and allowed me to kind of chase this crazy dream were due to my parents."

While Hemsworth's kids aren't easily impressed, they did show their support while the actor was presenting at this year's Golden Globes. See more in the video below.