Ali Fedotowsky Talks Struggles During First Months of Motherhood: 'I Lost My Mind'

Fit Pregnancy and Baby

Ali Fedotowsky and Molly make the cutest mother-daughter duo, but the former Bachelorette star admits that motherhood didn't initially come easy for her.

Fedotowsky covers the August issue of Fit Pregnancy & Baby with her 1-year-old little girl, and reflects her and husband Kevin Manno's first few months as parents. "For the first eight months of Molly’s life, we never had anyone else watch her -- not even a family member. After months of no breaks and little sleep, I legit had a mental breakdown," she confesses. "I remember I was in our kitchen, crying to Kevin on the phone, saying, ‘I can’t do this anymore. I need help.’ I was holding Molly. She was screaming. I was screaming. It was like out of a movie. I lost my mind.”

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While the 32-year-old former reality star has found a balance, she and Manno still struggle with finding time for date nights. “We need to make more time for ourselves and schedule more date nights," she says. "Once, when Kevin’s brother babysat, we went to dinner and spent the first hour watching videos of Molly on our phones, saying, ‘Look at how cute she is!’ I’m not even kidding. Finally we said, ‘Do you realize what we’re doing? We need to put our phones away!’ But Molly is the great love of our lives. And we’re OK with that.”

Despite the challenges early on in motherhood, Fedotowsky and her husband are still looking to give Molly a brother and/or sister. “We definitely want to have a second baby. We’ve always said two. I don’t know if it gets harder when a second child comes into the mix," Fedotowsky reveals. "If it does, please help me. A lot of people say it actually gets easier because the children keep each other company. I hope that’s the case, because, if not, I’m in big trouble.”

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Earlier this year, Fedotowsky spoke with ET and couldn't stop gushing over her baby. "Gosh, she's so awesome," she said, praising Molly. "She's the best. I think I had a mixed idea of what motherhood would be because so many people were like, 'It's so hard.' But then you look on Instagram and it's all these pictures of women just cradling their babies, you know, this skewed view of what motherhood is … but she's the best. I love it so much."

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