Madonna Files Order to Stop Auction of 'Extremely Personal' Tupac Breakup Letter, Previously Worn Underwear

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Madonna is taking legal action to stop the sale of 22 of her personal belongings by auction house Gotta Have It! Collectibles, Inc.

In court papers obtained by ET, the 58-year-old singer filed an emergency court order on Tuesday to block the sale of the items at an auction that was scheduled to begin on Wednesday. Among the items that were set to go on sale was a prison letter from the late Tupac Shakur, explaining why he ended his relationship with the superstar. Other items included a handwritten letter to Madonna's ex-boyfriend, Peter Shue -- accompanied by "personally worn panties" -- as well as her "personally owned and used hairbrush with her hair."

According to court documents, Madonna says she only became aware of the auction through media reports earlier this month.

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"On or about July 8, 2017, I became aware through media reports that there was a planned auction of extremely personal, private correspondence I received from a former boyfriend, the late recording artist and actor Tupac Shakur (the "Shakur Letter")," Madonna alleges in the court papers. "I was shocked to learn of the planned auctioning of the Shakur Letter, as I had no idea that the Shakur Letter was no longer in my possession. I have never sold, gifted, transferred or otherwise disposed of the Shakur Letter, or granted anyone else the authority to do so."

"Shortly thereafter, I became aware that a number of my belongings, some of which are intensely personal, were slated to be auctioned for sale and that all or nearly all of those items had been consigned to the auctioneer by Defendant Darlene Lutz," she says in the documents.

Madonna alleges Lutz was a former friend who also served as an art consultant.

"She is someone who I have welcomed into my homes, including as a frequent overnight guest (including when I was not in residence), and she even assisted me with the packing up of my former home in Miami (as well as packing up some of the rooms in my former apartment in New York)," she says in the court filing. "I believe that the Madonna Memorabilia consigned for Auction include a number of items of my personal property that I possessed at the time I owned my home in Miami, and Defendant Lutz would have had unrestricted access to these items on numerous occasions."

"The Madonna memorabilia was never sold, gift or transferred to defendant Lutz by me or anyone with authority to transfer ownership, possession or control to anyone else," Madonna continues in court documents.

Gotta Have It! Collectibles has now removed many items related to Madonna from the company's auction and website, including Tupac's letter, for which the minimum bid was $100,000. However, the auction house is still selling items such as the white lace corset she wore for her Like A Virgin album cover shoot, and the white high heels she wore for her memorable performance of "Like A Virgin" at the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards.

A spokesman for the auction house responded to Madonna's legal action in a statement to The New York Post on Tuesday.

"Madonna and her legal army have taken what we believe to be a completely baseless and meritless action to temporarily halt the sale of Ms Lutz’s legal property," the statement reads. "Madonna's allegations will be vigorously challenged and refuted in a court of law in due course. We are confident that the Madonna memorabilia will be back."

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One of the personal items that was set for auction and has now been removed was a letter that Madonna penned in the '90s addressed to "J" -- believed to her ex boyfriend, actor John Enos -- in which she referred to Sharon Stone and the late Whitney Houston as "mediocre."

Stone, 59, recently responded via Instagram with a picture of the two posing together on the red carpet alongside a note to Madonna, adding that she found it "absurd that anyone is publishing [her] private letters."

Check out Stone's classy response below: