EXCLUSIVE: 'Stranger Things' Cast Dishes on #JusticeForBarb and Spoiling the Show!

The 'Stranger Things' kids celebrate #JusticeForBarb and do their best to avoid spoilers

Break out the Eggos, it's almost time for Stranger Things, season two!

ET Online's Ash Crossan sat down with the cast of Stranger Things on Facebook Live before their Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con for details on #JusticeForBarb, season two secrets, and why they accidentally kept spoiling the first season's big cliffhanger!

The cast was beyond supportive of their co-star Shannon Purser, who nabbed her first ever Emmy nomination for playing the beloved but doomed Barb. "I'm so proud of Shannon, I really am," said co-star Gaten Matarazzo. "She deserves it so much, she's really great."

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Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike, added, "There definitely will be justice served," for everyone's favorite best friend.

But just to be clear: Barb is dead, and she's not coming back.

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Millie Bobby Brown said, "It's not going to be like end of season two and a hand pops up from her grave." And the group added, "We love you Shannon!"

The second season will see a new character arrive in Hawkins, played by Sadie Sink."I play Max and she's a big tomboy. She's really tough, and it's been fun playing her because I don't consider myself a tomboy," she told ET Online.

Will, played by Noah Schnapp, is set to have a bigger role as well, after being missing for most of the first season.

"In the second season they kind of get more into Will's character and how the Upside down affected him," he said. "And you'll learn, they get into everyone's storylines, and it's a lot darker and creepier for Will too."

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And what about our girl Eleven? She disappeared after defeating the demogorgon in the final episode, but her return is confirmed. Brown shared the little information she was allowed. "She's obviously back, ummm, that's really it! You know it's going to be amazing and you really dig in to the life of Eleven. That's it."

"I feel like she should have her own show, 'The Life of Eleven.' You know, and she sits there and eats Eggos," she added jokingly.

Speaking of spoilers, the young cast struggled throughout the first season to keep everything under wraps.

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"My best friend was like, 'How does the series end?' I was like, 'OK, Will coughs up a slug in the sink, and I just didn't know,'" admitted Wolfhard. He hadn't expected the show to get picked up for a second season, so wasn't as concerned with being tight-lipped on plot details.

"And then they were like, second season! I shouldn't have told him that."

Brown confessed that they didn't all quite understand the true meaning of "confidential" when they started out. "I was like, psshhh, yeah confidential!" she joked, while admitting she shared some scripts with close family members.

Calen McLaughlin, who plays Lucas, also let some details slip, but luckily it was in an Netflix interview. "I remember I gave up the Demogorgon and Will coming back. Accidentally. It hadn't even come out yet!"

Season two
of Stranger Things premieres on Netflix on October 27. Check out the full trailer for season two!

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