Nicki Minaj Joins Snapchat, Gets Hilariously Confused About How to Use It


Nicki Minaj
joined Snapchat on Sunday and her experience started off the same way as a lot of people's parents when they first join: hilarious confusion.

The "Anaconda" singer
signed up for Snapchat and immediately hopped on Instagram, with which she is well-versed, to ask her fans for help.

"Yo can y'all teach me how to use this?" Minaj wrote alongside of screenshot of her Snapchat home screen. "WTF I wanna show y'all how a bad btch posts her first snap but…"

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After trying her best to understand, the 34-year-old artist thought about deleting the app and giving up all together.

After asking numerous questions in the comments on her own Instagram post -- such as, "How do I see how many people are following me?" and, "How do you delete the thing you recorded if you don't wanna post it? I just recorded my towel," among many other quandaries -- Minaj revealed that she was having more trouble than just being confused by the platform.

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In a follow-up Instagram video, Minaj revealed that she was getting so many calls from fans following her on Snapchat that she couldn't even get to her settings on the platform to change her profile to prevent calls.

"Omgggggggg why y'all doin this to me?" a flustered Minaj asked in the caption.

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Finally, she came to understand the basics of the app and managed to share her first photo -- a simple yet beautiful photo of the ocean with the caption, "First snap who dis?"

If there's one person Minaj could have asked for some Snapchat assistance, it's her friend, Blac Chyna, who seriously knows how to utilize the platform.

Recently, the pals posed together for Chyna's snapchat, rocking brightly colored, super revealing latex outfits while hanging out near their matching Lamborghinis. Check out the video below for a look at the pair's sexy snapshots.

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