Watch Simone Biles Hilariously Try to Sing While Still Loopy From Dental Surgery


There's no shame in Simon Biles' Instagram game.

The Olympic gymnast recently got her wisdom teeth pulled and was sure to document the experience for her fans. "Wisdom teeth = gone," she captioned a selfie after her dental work was complete.

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Proving that she can laugh at herself, Biles also posted a video post-surgery while she was still loopy from the anesthesia used during the procedure. In the video, the Dancing With the Stars alum still has cotton in her mouth as she attempts to sing and later pretend to drive a car and honk a horn.After her hilarious performance, she falls back asleep.

"After wisdom teeth," she exclaimed in the video's caption. "No words, haha! ENJOY! Hope y'all get a good laugh!!"

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While Biles clearly has a sense of humor -- not to mention dance moves and several Olympic medals -- she told ET back in April that she had hard time finding romance. "I have never had a boyfriend in my life," she confessed. "At 20 years old, I feel like you should have gone through those things and gone on dates. I have been on, like, maybe one proper date."

Biles added that there was a new mystery guy in her life.

Check out her exclusive interview with ET for more details:

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