EXCLUSIVE: Florida Georgia Line Throw Epic Bachelor Bash, Vow Renewal in Vegas for 'Smooth' Video -- Watch!

Nick Swift

THubb and BK celebrate love with Craig Wiseman (aka "Cat Daddy") and his wife, KK, in Sin City.

'Til death do they party!

Florida Georgia Line hit the Las Vegas strip for their "Smooth" video, putting on an epic bachelor bash and vow renewal for legendary songwriter and their longtime friend, Craig Wiseman (aka "Cat Daddy," as namechecked in the song's lyrics), and his wife, KK. FGL's Brian Kelley wrote the treatment and served as the video's co-director alongside TK McKamy.

Only ET has the exclusive "Smooth" video premiere, along with a look behind the scenes.

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"[I'm] really excited about the 'Smooth' video, it's my first time co-directing," Kelley says in the featurette above. "It's been really cool to write the treatment and see this thing slowly come to life."

The video kicks off with Kelley and Tyler Hubbard -- driving a truck filled with their signature Old Camp whiskey -- broken down on the side of the road outside Vegas, only to be picked up by Cat Daddy (driving a bubble gum pink "Caddy from Cali, baby," natch) and an Elvis impersonator. Meanwhile, there's a set of FGL throwback look-alikes keeping their sights set on the guys the whole time.

"What's happening is, THubb and BK are spying on us from the bushes here in the desert," the real, present-day THubb explains. "They're kinda KK's spies -- they're making sure we make it to the wedding."

The whole thing culminates in a sweet, real-life vow renewal between the Wisemans at the iconic Little White Wedding Chapel. The couple has been married since 1994.

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"KK and Craig actually just renewed their vows," Hubbard says. "Cat Daddy surprised her with an awesome, custom-made diamond ring. [It's a] really special moment here on set, so it's cool, really cool, to experience that.

"Gotta love Cat Daddy, man," he gushes. "He's special -- biggest heart in the world, right here, so BK and I learned a lot from him. We love this man."

This isn't the first time the country duo has chosen Vegas as the backdrop for a video. ET was with the guys in the desert on the set of their "Sippin' on Fire" video back in 2015 -- just before Hubbard's own bachelor party! Take a peek behind the scenes, below.

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