EXCLUSIVE: Matthew McConaughey Dishes on Being a 'Cool Dad' While Playing the Bad Guy


No more Mr. Nice Guy! Matthew McConaughey is ditching his heroic roots to play an extra evil villain in the new Stephen King adaptation The Dark Tower. And he’s relishing the opportunity to be the “bad guy.”

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“You can throw consciousness to the waste side and just say, ‘Yes’ to everything,” the 47-year-old Oscar winner told ET’s Jennifer Peros at the NYC premiere of the fantasy film. “I really enjoy going and playing ‘the bad guy,’ you know. To go as far and evil as I could imagine, and as far and evil as Stephen King had written was a lot of fun.”

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He also revealed that the adaptation has been a long time coming, saying, “I think over a decade to get this to the screen. I mean Stephen King had to approve, the studios had to approve, they had to get the right director on board. I'm glad it came across my desk, finally.”

And though he’s playing lead alongside Luther’s Idris Elba, he noted that he only spent three days working with his British co-star.

“Cause that's where we come together at the climax at the end,” he explained.

McConaughey walked the red carpet with his stunning wife, Camila Alves, on Monday. Alves wowed in a black low-cut gown while McConaughey rocked a purple suit and claimed he took “three and a half minutes” to get ready.

And as The Dark Tower prepares to hit theaters this week, McConaughey is already hard at work on his next project. Luckily, he’s gotten to bring his family along with him to the undisclosed tropical location.

“Well, its work for me, but work feels like a vacation which on Saturday and Sunday this one does,” McConaughey said. “The best part about it is my kids are getting to fill their passports. The passports are full, the culture was the best educator for me, and my kids are getting it.”

As for what his three kids think of him, McConaughey seems pretty confident.

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“Yeah I'm a cool dad,” he said. “I'm a good dad. I mean, that doesn’t mean my son and I always agree. He thanks me for [saying], ‘Thank you for correcting me here and there. Thank you for disciplining me here and there.’ And I'm glad he thinks that’s cool.”

The Dark Tower
is in theaters Aug. 4.

For more from McConaughey and Elba, watch the clip below!

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