'Being Mary Jane': MJ's Workplace Romance Gets Exposed -- Find Out Who Spilled the Beans!


Busted! Mary Jane's (Gabrielle Union) relationship with Justin (Michael Ealy) gets exposed on Tuesday’s episode of Being Mary Jane.

Kara (Lisa Vidal) is the first to find out that MJ has been dating the “piece of s**t snake” who got her fired (and re-hired), and she's not too happy about the news.

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MJ scrambles to keep the romance a secret from the rest of her Great Day USA co-workers, as well as her niece, Nicole, a.k.a. "Niecy" (Raven Goodwin), who's visiting from Atlanta, Georgia. She soon realizes that Niecy flew to New York City to get the scoop on MJ's breakup with Lee, so that she can report back to her grandmother.

On a more professional note, MJ and Justin are on the hunt for a "ratings booster," which they find in Sandra Curtis (Brooke J. Taylor), a celebrity interior designer looking to explain herself after getting caught on video making a homophobic statements.

Curtis appears on GDU to dispel a "fake news" story about her alleged tryst with a woman, and defend her controversial views on homosexuality.

While the interview becomes a ratings hit, the victory crumbles after MJ’s boss, Garrett (Ashton Holmes), calls her and Justin into his office for a special announcement.

"I don't like to be kept in the dark about what’s going on on my show," Garrett begins before dropping a bomb on the duo: "You two, you're involved romantically."

They immediately fess up to the romance, while Justin tries to convince Garrett that he can remain "fair, balanced, and impartial," despite his personal relationship with MJ.

But Garrett's not buying Justin’s promise, and decides to send him to Kansas to work on a "developing story."

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While Justin awaits his ride to the airport, MJ tries to confront Kara about ratting her out to Garrett. But it doesn't take long before she discovers that her co-anchor, Aaron (Paul Rofles), was the one who spilled the beans.

"That's the thing about making so many enemies," Kara tells MJ.  "When you get stabbed in the back, you don't know which one did it."

Now that the cat is "all the way out of the bag," it seems like MJ will be facing even more scrutiny in the workplace.

Being Mary Jane airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on BET.

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