Paris Jackson Gets Candid on Embracing Her Scars, Stretch Marks, Acne and Cellulite: 'I'm Human'

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Paris Jackson wants to change beauty standards in the fashion industry.

The 19-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson recently talked to i-D magazine in an interview conducted entirely through text messages, in which she bluntly discussed her own body and why she's not embarrassed about so-called imperfections.

"Unfortunately in the world we live in it's almost impossible to feel comfortable in your skin 24/7," she says when asked about her self confidence growing up. "Especially with what the media is constantly feeding us. I still have countless insecurities and fears, like everyone else I know. But we're getting there, slowly but surely. Which is a big reason I want to change this fashion / beauty stigma, so it's not as difficult for people around the world to feel beautiful just the way they are."

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"Beauty is not measured by numbers, or symmetry, or shapes, or sizes, or colors, or anything like that," she adds. "Beauty, true beauty, should be measured by the soul, the character, integrity, intentions and mindset of a person, what comes out of their mouth. How they behave. Their heart."

Jackson is hoping to set an example with her own foray into modeling.

"I'm not symmetrical, I'm not a size zero, I eat hella burgers and endless amounts of pizza," she says. "I can't fit into a runway sample size of designer clothes, I have scars and stretch marks and acne and I have cellulite. I'm human. Not a dress-up doll. The idea that we all have to fit one idea of beauty is outrageous and ridiculous because 'perfection' is just an opinion."

Aside from challenging beauty standards and her interest in environmental activism, Jackson says her goal right now is to spread positivity. She's also passionate about feminism.

"Double standards definitely suck, being sexualized also isn't cool," she notes. "When you're in the public eye and people write stuff about you, they're usually not as lenient with judgment as they are with men. Oh, not to mention having a president that doesn't respect you because you have a vagina. Men are hella dope, I definitely don't think women are superior. We just all deserve to be treated with respect and equality. Feels me?"

"My goal is enlightenment," she later reveals. "I may not achieve it in this lifetime but I'd like to get a few steps closer to it. I hope to leave a positive impact on every person I meet along the way. I just wanna be happy."

Jackson shared the magazine interview on Thursday on Twitter, though noted that she didn't like the introduction of the piece -- which called her childhood "privileged - if sheltered and a little strange."

"The intro is definitely NOT something I gave clearance on… so disappointed," she tweeted. "#Journalists but my answers were LIT so I'm sharing it anyway."

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Last weekend, Paris got matching tattoos with her godfather, Macaulay Culkin. The pair got images of spoons with striped detailing on their forearms, and though they didn't specify the meaning, spoons in tattoo art can be representative of struggling with a chronic illness or pain.

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