Super Fit Model Sarah Stage Calls Out 'Ignorant' Critics, Rocks Bikini at 7 Months Pregnant


Model Sarah Stage is motivated by her haters.

The 33-year-old super fit pregnant model -- who's known for maintaining extremely tiny baby bumps during her pregnancies -- Instagrammed a video of herself working out on Tuesday with her adorable 2-year-old son, James. Set to rapper Post Malone's "Congratulations," Stage addressed her critics.

"#7monthspregnant & feeling great," she wrote. "I'm now sticking to at home exercises from my ebook 2-3x a week & have stopped doing crunches since I'm in my #thirdtrimester. Our bodies are truly incredible & I feel blessed to be able to grow another healthy baby inside of me!"

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"I choose to stay positive & I represent anyone who has dealt with doubters, trolls & bullies," she continued. "It feels great to prove ignorant people wrong & even better to know that all you have to do is believe in yourself and trust your own instincts."

Stage later shared a photo of herself sporting a bikini, highlighting that she's in her third trimester of pregnancy.

ET spoke with Stage in June, when she addressed criticism she's received online, some accusing her of having unhealthy pregnancies.

"Of course comments about endangering my baby can be hurtful, but I also understand that social media has always been full of internet trolls so it's nothing new," she told ET. "As for working out while pregnant, every expecting mother should definitely check with their doctor before doing any workout because everyone has their own limit. My doctor says it's perfectly fine for me to continue to exercise while pregnant and encourages it!"

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In July 2015, Stage responded to accusations that she Photoshopped one of her jaw-dropping post-baby body pics.

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