Gabrielle Union Rocks Pink Bra on Cover of 'Health,' Talks Guilty Pleasures and Working Out With Dwyane Wade

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Gabrielle Union admits she's far from perfect.

Rocking a pink-and-white bra top and matching undies, the Being Mary Jane star stuns on the cover of Health's September issue, showing off her toned figure. But in her accompanying interview with the magazine, she opens up about her guilty pleasures, when she feels sexiest, dealing with haters on social media and working out with her husband, Dwyane Wade.

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Union, 44, and Wade, 35, started dating in 2009 and said "I do" in August 2014. Although she admits she doesn't like working out -- "I'm not one of those people, like, 'I can't start my day without it.' Nope, I can actually start my day beautifully, sleeping in, eating some pancakes" -- she says the haters motivate her and her husband helps her.

"Knowing that there are people who cannot wait to circle your fat and draw an arrow to it keeps me in the gym," she admits. "So, between fearing health issues and fearing, 'Stars, they're just like us! Look at their cellulite!' -- that keeps me in the gym."

"Then when I get in there, I get competitive and won't leave," she adds. "I basically have the Olympics happening in my mind with strangers. They don't realize we're competing, but I usually take gold. Mainly because they've left."


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Union tells Health that when she notices negative comments like this on her Instagram pics, she'll sometimes do a "deep dive into their social media."

"If it kinda strikes a nerve, I need to know who said it," she confesses. "No one who's ever said anything super negative to me has an amazing life. Once I realized that, it's different than, like, J.Lo saying, 'Her squat form wasn't right.' Because she would know. But you, in your mom's basement, really?"

And although she seemingly rocks it in the gym, she's not super strict about sticking to a diet that doesn't allow her to indulge in her guilty pleasures.

"We put guilt on ourselves because people are judging us," Union says. "You know, my grandma lived to be 110 and she drank alcohol, like, every day. I don't drink every day. But if somebody's like, 'Shots!' I'm like, 'Yes!' If someone says, 'Bacon!' I'm like, 'Yes!' She lived. I definitely live."


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As for working out with Wade, Union says the two prefer low-key walks through the neighborhood. "Mainly because we're nosy," she jokes. "We want to see what houses are for sale."

The shots of Union inside the magazine are equally stunning as her cover pic, and it's no secret that she turns heads when walking red carpets, but when asked when she feels sexiest, she admits she feels most comfortable at home.

"Out there on the deck, when I have a bikini on, holding a cold beer, and my husband's there," she says. "I'm not in hair and makeup. I'm just chilling at home."

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