Taylor Swift Does Not Return to the Stand in Final Day of Court Testimony, Closing Arguments Set for Monday

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Taylor Swift's bodyguard, Greg Dent, was among those called to the stand on Friday in the legal battle over an alleged incident that occurred over four years ago.

The 27-year-old singer alleges that former radio personality David Mueller groped her during a meet-and-greet in Denver, Colorado.

Dent -- who was seen chatting up Swift's brother, Austin, prior to testifying -- seemed to corroborate the testimony Swift confidently gave on Thursday, where she claimed Mueller "grabbed [onto her] a** cheek" while they were taking a photo. She referred to the alleged incident as "horrifying and shocking." Mueller has long denied groping Swift.

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Dent claimed that he witnessed Mueller reaching his hand under Swift's skirt when he went to put his arm around her. "I know she wasn't comfortable with it, that's why she moved, pushed her skirt down and moved closer to the woman," Dent said. "I thought it was a violation of her body."

Dent noted that right after Swift was allegedly groped, she immediately told her staffers. Swift was seen nodding in agreement during her bodyguard's testimony, but also rolled her eyes at some of the questions being asked by Mueller's legal team.

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In addition to Dent, Mueller's then-girlfriend, Shannon Melcher, and his former radio co-host, Ryan Kliesch, were called to the stand, and both claimed they had never witnessed Mueller inappropriately touching a woman.

Swift did not take the stand during the fourth and final day of testimony. The plaintiff rested his case after Dent, Melcher and Kliesch testified on Friday. The judge then brought in the jury to inform them that the evidentiary portion of the trial had concluded and dismissed them for the day. Closing arguments are set for Monday, after which the jury will deliberate.

Mueller sued Swift in September 2015 -- two years after the alleged incident -- claiming her accusations that he inappropriately touched her were false, and cost him his $150,000-a-year job as a host at country station KYGO-FM as well as future career opportunities. She countersued him a month later in the amount of $1 for assault and battery.

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Here are more details on the trial:

Reporting by Tracie De La Rosa and Sophie Schillaci.