Olivia Munn Gives Sarcastic Toast to Hollywood 'Good Guys,' Calls Out Mark Wahlberg at Critics' Choice Awards


Olivia Munn isn't playing around. 

The 37-year-old actress didn't shy away from the jabs while hosting the 2018 Critics' Choice Awards on Thursday. During a bit with Niecy Nash, she gave a sarcastic toast to the "good guys" in Hollywood -- before slamming the men at the Golden Globes for not speaking out in support of Time's Up, and Mark Wahlberg for his All the Money in the World reshoot salary. 

"We'd like to make a toast to all the good guys in Hollywood," she began, praising the executives who held meetings in hotel conference rooms and casting directors who didn't make derogatory comments during auditions.

"Thank you to all of the men for speaking up at the Golden Globes," Nash added, before getting interrupted by Munn. 

"Actually, they didn't really say much there," Munn insisted, before calling out Wahlberg. "I do want to say thank you to the producers for paying Niecy and I the same amount of money and Mark Wahlberg a million dollars." 

"Say what?" Nash asked. 

"I know, he took a pay cut. It was really nice and generous of him. Thank you so much," Munn said. 

The jab at Wahlberg came after it was reported that he negotiated a $1 million-plus salary to reshoot All the Money in the World after Christopher Plummer was hired to replace Kevin Spacey. Wahlberg's co-star, Michelle Williams, offered to shoot her scenes without additional compensation. 

See more in the video below. 


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