Pete Davidson on Constantly Being in the Tabloids: 'I Know What It Comes With'

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Pete Davidson was an open book as the first season 2 guest on Kevin Hart's Peacock chat series, Hart to Heart, and during the hourlong conversation, he addressed the pitfalls of being in the public eye and constantly being written about in the tabloids.

"I don't mind. I know what it comes with," the 28-year-old Saturday Night Live alum told Hart of the challenges he faces balancing being tabloid fodder with objective critiques of his work. "I totally get it because whatever I get to do is sick. If that's all you have to deal with then whatever."

"But, like, I would like them to be like, 'Hey that movie was really good.' Just one. Even if it's, like, f**king Crackle. I don't give a s**t what website it is. Even if it's Buzzfeed's '10 Dumb Scenes in This Movie,' I would just love that," Davidson continued. "Nobody wants to see, like, 'Pete had a really good day today. He visited his grandpa, played video games with his boys, smoked a fat blunt, watched Interview With a Vampire. He had a wonderful day.' They don't give a sh*t. Zero clicks."

Though Davidson never mentions anyone in particular, namely Kim Kardashian -- whom he has been dating since late last year -- the added attention paid on him in recent months outside of his film, TV or comedy credits isn't a coincidence. (Davidson was also previously engaged to Ariana Grande before they broke it off in 2018.)

He spoke about how his family, specifically his grandfather, has been impacted by the inundation of tabloid coverage surrounding his personal life.

"My grandpa believes every f**king thing he reads. He'll be like, 'I heard you bought a monkey.' And I'm like, 'What the f**k?'" Davidson shared. "He reads everything. So he calls me all the time because I try not to read any of that stuff but he'll tell me everything."

During the sit-down with Hart, which was filmed several months ago, Davidson also discussed his desires to start a family and get married one day, as well as contemplated whether he was staying too long at SNL. He ended up leaving the late-night sketch show in May after a seven-year run.

Hart to Heart is streaming now on Peacock.


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