The Queen celebrates 85th birthday at William and Kate's Wedding Venue


Today, The Queen performed the traditional Easter Maundy service at Westminster Abbey - just days before Prince William and Kate Middleton are to be married in the very same location. In fact, our very own ET royal wedding crew was there as her majesty's car procession as she made her way along the route and down to the Abbey. 

Each year the Queen participates in Easter Maundy service, an observance which involves distributing ''alms'' to 85 women and 85 men, one for each of her 85 years. It is a practice that dates back centuries, and this year, it just so happens to fall upon the Queen's 85th birthday.

One very fortunate upside is, being that the Maundy Service is televised event, broadcasters have the chance to test out their cameras, lighting and technical equipment so that Will and Kate's big day runs as smoothly as possible.

Don't miss the royal wedding live on April 29th, right here.