VIDEO: Pandemonium for Prince William & Prince Harry as They Thank Fans Outside Clarence House


As Prince William's dream-like wedding approaches, he and his brother Prince Harry made fans' dreams come true, greeting the mob camped outside their father's estate.

"We came upon Clarence House and all of a sudden the gates opened and both princes came walking out to say hello to the crowd," said Emily Houdeshell, who believed that the princes were having their last dinner with their father Prince Charles and his wife Camilla before the big day tomorrow. "They were just so relaxed and so congenial and gracious."

We're told that the admiring crowd, fitted out in costumes, sleeping bags and tents, erupted at the appearance of William and Harry.

"They were very appreciative that there was so many people out here to cheer -- Harry especially -- to cheer his brother on," said another onlooker. "And then when Will came around, he was saying... 'Keep your coats on. It's going to be very cold tonight.'"

The royals seem to be the only ones not particularly affected by the excitement. Harry displayed his sense of humor telling fans that he hopes not to "fluff" his lines during the ceremony.