Nancy O'Dell Gets the Backstory on William and Kate's Official Wedding Pics From Photographer


ET's Nancy O'Dell chatted with Prince William and Kate Middleton's official wedding photographer, Hugo Burnand, getting the professional shutterbug to dish on the story behind the pictures.

Hugo wasn't the only photographer in the room while he snapped the royal family. The new Dutchess of Cambridge also has displayed a flair for photography and played a major role in how the pictures were taken.

"She helped me in meetings," said Hugo. "And it was her sort of seed of inspiration really which ended up with the formal family photograph where they were positioned in the middle of the room."

As the official still cameraperson for the event, Hugo was one of the first people to interact with the family following the nuptials and he described the feeling of warmth in the room.

"They are a family," said Hugo. "I know it wasn't just any other wedding but on the private level that's what it was - it was two families coming together."

Clearly, the royal wedding will hold special significance for William and Kate, but how did the day rank for Hugo?

"There were moments when I literally pinched myself looking around at what was happening," Hugo admitted.

Watch the video to find out which picture took only about 30 seconds to set up, and you can see the all the official photos that we previously posted here.