Chloe Moretz

This Friday, the (beyond) star-studded Movie 43 hits theaters, and last night, some of the film's biggest names hit up the red carpet premiere in Hollywood, where ETonline scored some exclusive snaps of the actors promoting the project!

VIDEO - Is Movie 43 The Most Star-Studded, Ever?

Leading the charge is Chloe Moretz, who stars in Elizabeth Banks' vignette, titled Middleschool Date, where her character hits puberty at an inopportune time. Funnily enough, Movie 43 served as excellent preparation for Moretz's role in the upcoming Carrie remake, as the two characters have identical experiences with "that time of the month."

"[In Movie 43], I get my period and they're yelling "Plug It Up!" at me," Moretz said on the red carpet last night. "And then I have Carrie coming out in October, where they're yelling "Plug It Up!" to me again! I never realized the correlation until my mom pointed it out ... but," she added, "there's a big difference between the comedy and the drama of both scenes."
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