Lena Dunham

Though she's currently heading up one of the more sexually explicit shows on television, Lena Dunham admitted through a series of Instagram pics that she did not lose her virginity until she was out of high school. On Aug. 22, 2013, the Girls star posted an inquiryshe wrote to TimeOut New York's sex columnist Jamie Bufalino in 2005, asking if she should reveal her virginity at age 19 to any hypothetical boys she may start dating. Bufalino suggested: "Hang on to that v-card until I tell you it's time to relinquish it. There will be no deadline-setting or peer-pressuring."

Dunham isn't the only celebrity in Hollywood to wait a bit before losing their virginity. From the Jonas Brothers' promise rings to the "Virgin Quarterback" Tim Tebow, here's a few more stars who've waited.