'Survivor's Alan Ball Wants to Make It Clear That JP 'Strip Searched Himself' (Exclusive)


There's always a few players every season who fall prey to the "Survivor gods," and this time, it was Alan Ball. 

The NFL player got his torch snuffed on Wednesday's episode of Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers after Devon got his vote taken away with a game advantage -- and Joe used his idol to protect himself from elimination. 

"I think the elements of the game affected my fate, and that's how it went down," Alan confessed over the phone to ET on Thursday. "I think I was playing a good game. I don't think it got away from me at all... but Joe found the idol, and that's part of the game." 

The Houston, Texas, native, did, however, have a feeling that his game could be heading towards elimination. 

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"I said it before we left camp: if something goes wrong, if something happens, I'm going to be the one to go home. If Joe pulls out the idol, I'm going home. I know they've got votes for me," he explained. "So when [Devon] started reading that advantage, I really started feeling like, 'OK, this could be the turning point that changes everything, and I may be the one who goes home'...And Joe stands up with his idol, and I'm like, 'At this point, I know I'm going home.' At that point, it was over. The story was written."

"We know I don't really care for Joe. I'm going to say this: hopefully he's not as annoying in person as he was on the show. Hopefully, that was all the show," he added. "Because I'm not crazy, but they showed me to be crazy in that first episode."

Alan definitely got Survivor's crazy cut, when his paranoia caused him to call out J.P. and Ashley for a supposed showmance just days into the competition -- and basically strip searched J.P. for a possible idol. 

"Well, I mean, I didn't strip search him," he laughed. "He strip searched himself...but I wouldn't change it. At the end of the day, he did what he had to do to make me believe that I wasn't seeing what I saw. That was what he felt he had to do." 

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"I wanted to play the game I wanted to play," he added, revealing that he never told anyone about his NFL career, but "got close" when Desi asked about a scar on his arm. "I took every opportunity I had to give myself a laugh on the inside and have a good time... I have no regrets in terms of how I played the game at all." 

In fact, Alan is so confident in his game play that he's ready to head back to the island in a heartbeat. "I am literally walking around my house in my Ugg flip flops and I would go just like this. I don't need to pack. I'd go right now if I get the call," he said, taking a beat when asked if his former NFL career would provide extra challenges. 

"Definitely, but that's the story of my life. That's the reason I went on in the first place, for the challenge, and now it's heightened a level," he said. "I mean, when the bright lights get brighter, you've got to shine more. So I definitely would be on for the challenge."

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.