'The Bachelor': Peter Weber, Mike Johnson and Tyler Cameron's Chances to Be Our Next Lead (Exclusive)


Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette is wrapping up, which means it's time to start thinking about who will be our next Bachelor. 

The 24-year-old beauty queen was an unlikely choice to be the Bachelorette after her rocky start and seventh-place finish on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, but this time around, we've got several clear options for our next franchise lead. There's Peter Weber, an early fan favorite who has recently made headlines for ex-girlfriend drama, Mike Johnson, the clear leader in the house, and Tyler Cameron, who has won viewers over with his respectfulness (and hot bod). Weber and Cameron are both still in the running for Brown's final rose; fans won't find out who she chooses until the show's two-night finale on July 29 and 30. 

According to host Chris Harrison, the race for Bachelor is very much alive. "There's a lot of good contenders and I think we kind of have an embarrassment of riches... I think it's gonna be all of us in a room screaming for our favorite, fighting for our version of TV that we want to make," he told ET's Lauren Zima at The Bachelorette: Men Tell All taping earlier this month. 

Let's break down the options: 


From night one, the 27-year-old pilot had fans thinking he was Bachelor material. He appeared smart, funny and sweet, and seemingly stayed out of the drama this season. Plus, his windmill sex with Brown quickly became an iconic moment in franchise history. Weber would be the first pilot Bachelor since Jake Pavelka, and fans have likened him to former Bachelors Ben Higgins and Sean Lowe. It have been smooth sailing for Weber until earlier this month, when his alleged ex-girlfriend, Calee Lutes, came forward to ET alleging he ended their serious relationship to be on The Bachelorette. She claimed they dated for five months before their split in late December, when Weber broke up with her out of the blue, after having allegedly told her "I love you," discussed plans to move in together and met her family.   

"He absolutely betrayed me. He interviewed for a reality dating show while simultaneously planning a future with me. I trusted him entirely and he pulled the rug out from under me. Also, if all of this wasn't bad enough, I've had multiple people reach out to me and tell me that he was seeing other women while we were exclusive," Lutes alleged to ET, also claiming that Weber went on the show for fame. However, Weber still has to share his side of the story, and has been unable to address the claims while he's still appearing on The Bachelorette.

Harrison told Zima as she guest hosted this week's Bachelor Party podcast on The Ringer that he was looking forward to letting Weber speak -- but also said he had "done some digging" into Lutes' claims. "Some allegations were made in her claims that had to do with us and casting, so I was just curious so I asked around. And so, in that regard, I'm less worried and less intrigued about Peter's situation. Because I know some truths that either I'll explain or Peter will explain," he said. "But I know it's kind of more funny than anything, about his and how he was approached by the show, how he was cast on the show, the timing of it all. So, I have facts on that that I'm not worried about at all for Peter."


The Jupiter, Florida, native seems to have been the dark horse this season. He and Brown had a slower start to their relationship, though their physical connection -- and his way with words -- became clear after their first one-on-one date in week four. He's showcased his softer side while talking about his family and reuniting with his father at hometowns following his health issues. Brown told ET that she initially thought Cameron was a "f**kboy," but couldn't have been more wrong. In fact, she's standing by her statement that he's the "most respectful" man she's ever been with. 

Though at 25 years old, he'd be one of our youngest Bachelors, we're here for Cameron as Bachelor (considering he doesn't end up with Brown). He's shown maturity, depth, and perhaps most importantly, is scandal-free! And even Harrison thinks he's got the looks down. 

"I don't know if you guys have seen him without his shirt on. He's a snack!" he said on the Bachelor Party podcast. 


We think Big Mike might just have a big shot at becoming the next Bachelor. The 31-year-old portfolio manager proved he's not afraid of drama with his confrontations with Cam Ayala and Luke Parker on The Bachelorette, so we wouldn't mind seeing him shut down a fight or two on his season of The Bachelor. He's a natural leader, so becoming a franchise lead shouldn't be a problem. 

The Bachelorette cast is largely pulling for Johnson to get the gig, which would make him the first African American Bachelor, but he told ET at the Men Tell All taping that he hadn't been approached yet by Bachelor producers. "I have lots of questions if I were going to be Bachelor. I take stuff like that very seriously," he shared. "When it comes to pieces of the heart, there's no playing with that. I don't care if I'm on TV or not."

"Big Mike left early… But you see the spark and you see that people are intrigued. And Big Mike is intriguing. He's loveable," Harrison said on the Bachelor Party podcast.  "He becomes a contender." 

"Then you have Tyler, and you have Peter and you have Jed," Harrison added -- insisting that tossing Wyatt's name in there wasn't a mistake. 

"Yeah, he's a contender," he said of the Nashville-based musician whose name has "taken a beating" over his alleged girlfriend drama. "But I will say this: the finalists are always contenders."

"This is a debate that is ongoing. It really starts night one," Harrison noted, adding that this summer's Bachelor in Paradise could also shift the Bachelor race. 

"There are some old school guys on Paradise who change their stripes… there are guys that aren't even in the conversation yet that could suddenly be in the conversation in the next month or so," he explained. "we really hold our judgement until we get into paradise."

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The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 


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