The Best Gifts for Teenage Girls That Are Actually Cool

Each product has been selected and reviewed by our editorial team; however, we may receive affiliate commissions from some links to the products on this page. Prices listed are subject to change by the retailer.
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Girls rule the world! But teenage girls can be the sweetest or the sulkiest person you know, depending on the moment. Which is understandable, after all. (It’s not easy careening from childhood to adulthood.)

For those of us whose teenage years are a distant memory, it can be just as challenging to find holiday gifts for teenage girls that hover somewhere between dolls and...Louis Vuitton luggage.

The bottom line with giving gifts to this age group? You really just want them to think you’re a cool old person (and by old, we mean anyone over 21). Which is why we’ve curated the best gifts you can buy online for teenage girls -- sparing you from conducting a whole bunch of research online (put your phone down and stop following the #VSCO). 

Below, the best gifts online for that teen girl who wants it all (or maybe none of it, depending on her mood).  

Fjällräven Water-Resistant Re-Kanken Backpack

Your budding eco-warrior is going to go on lots of adventures while saving the world. This backpack is the backpack that will accompany her everywhere she travels (even if it’s just to summer camp). She’ll love the color and the fact that grown city-philes sport this brand all. the. time. Also? It’s made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.


Her first little black dress, with small velvet dots and an of-the-moment shape, is sophisticated enough for the grown woman in her mind but sweet enough for her parents’ little girl.

Nadri Pavé Hoop Earrings

They look just like diamond earrings. But they’re cubic zirconia, so it’s not a crisis if she loses one during field hockey practice.

Lexon Mino Speaker

Well, the party don’t start ‘til she walks in (can’t you already hear her saying, “Mommmmmm, stopppp...”). That’s because she’s the one with the portable Bluetooth speaker, which can broadcast any playlist on her phone anywhere she likes.

Benefit Cosmetics

OK, so maybe she’s not getting the wheels of her dreams, this year anyway. She’ll still love this sweet ride -- a reusable (and adorable!) tin packed with three essential cosmetics that help take her makeup lewk (that’s what the kids say) from zero to 60.



Turn her cell phone into a modern-day Polaroid with a pocket printer that lets her print out any image from her feed. 


Akola Build-Your-Own Bracelet Set
Neiman Marcus

The sophisticated version of the plastic bead kit she spent hours with as a child, this DIY jewelry set features Karatasi paper beads that are hand-rolled by artisans in Uganda. All proceeds go to empowering women living in poverty, meaning that the bracelets she makes (there are supplies for up to five) will do good as well as look good. 

Atlantic 17-in. Laptop Tray

Problems solved! Now she can write that term paper without ever getting off the couch -- or spilling her chai latte all over it. (Save an extra 15% through Dec. 25 when you use promo code SAVE.)

French Connection
French Connection Dijon Parka
French Connection
French Connection

She’ll think you finally appreciate her bold sense of style. You’ll know that when she’s wearing this coat, you’ll always be able to pick her out in a crowd.


Each product has been selected, and each product’s style has been reviewed, by our editorial team; however, we may receive affiliate commissions from some links to products on this page. Prices listed are subject to change by the retailer. 

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