'The Masked Singer' Reveals Third Celebrity Performer -- Find Out Who Had to Take Off Their Mask!


The Masked Singer returned for its third week on Wednesday night, bringing back some of the costumed contestants we've previously met for new rounds of musical face-offs, as well as special guest judge Joel McHale!

Last week, Fox's hit reality singing competition introduced the final set of six secret singers, giving fans a chance to play detective with new clues and more outlandish guesses from show's celebrity panelists -- Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy and Ken Jeong.

We also got the chance to find out the secret identity of another one of the performers when The Pineapple was unmasked and revealed to be comedian Tommy Chong! The Up in Smoke star joined Antonio Brown on the list of unmasked competitors after the NFL pro was revealed at the conclusion of the show's premiere episode.

ET is watching the whole show live, and keping fans updated with all the best, weirdest and most baffling moments from the third heated week of the wild competition.

The Deer Gets Unmasked!

6:59 PM:

After a round of voting, The Deer ended up in last place, giving the judges one last chance to make insane guesses.

Robin said it's Terry Bradshaw, and then Nicole and Joel jumped on that bandwagon.  

Jenny guessed Peyton Manning (for some reason), while Ken suggested John Elway, but that doesn't matter because...

...It's Terry Bradshaw! (Obviously!)

Let's be honest, it never wasn't going to be Terry Bradshaw. But it's nice to see the judges finally get it right!!

The Monster Seems to Stump the Judges

6:50 PM:

The Monster sang an awesome cover of Gavin DeGraw's "I Don't Want To Be," and, while he still sounds like Saturday Night Live's Kenan Thompson, we're pretty sure it isn't.

Robin loved the performance, especially the attempts at big high notes, and suggests Nelly.

However, The Monster threw a curve ball when he revealed a new clue, sharing, "I like to keep my head in the game."

Suddenly, the guesses turned to athletes  and Robin says it could be Derek Jeter.

To be honest, after these new clues, we have no idea who The Monster could be. 


The Monster -- New Clues

6:46 PM:

- Says he drove up from the South in his "Caddy."

- Has a money gun.

- "I'm back in the swing of things."

- There's some New Year's Eve imagery.

- "It's gonna be fire!"

The Judges' Have a Lot of Thoughts About The Unicorn

6:41 PM:

The Unicorn sang "Oops!...  I Did It Again" and the judges were as nice as possible, with Jenny calling it "magical" and Robin calling it "sweet and gentle." But not good, exactly.

Robin thinks it's a model, and Nicole suggests it's Denise Richards (because she said she "lost her Sheen").

Then they all started guessing Olympic gymnasts (because of the "gold" clue) and come up with Gabby Douglas, Mary Lou Retton and McKayla Maroney.

While we still think it might be Tori Spelling, the Denise Richards guess makes a lot of sense, and has us seriously considering it.

The added clue came when the judges asked if she's a gymnast and she just said "in the bedroom!"

The Unicorn -- New Clues!

6:35 PM:

- "Lost my confidence" and she says she lost her "sheen."

- "Tonight I'm going for the gold."

- "No one can ever crush this unicorn's spirit again."

There's not a lot more to go off than last time, unfortunately.

The Peacock Impresses the Panel

6:30 PM:

The Peacock once again wowed the panel with a performance  of OneRepublic's "Counting Stars," and really got the judges guessing wild stuff.

Nicole said The Peacock has to be a "born performer," but then followed that up with a suggestion that it's David Hasselhoff.

Joel ended up guessing it's Neil Patrick Harris, and Robin suggests again that he's a magician, perhaps David Copperfield. He also said it could be a old-school singer like Tom Jones.

The Peacock confirmed that he has performed in Las Vegas, but again, it's almost certainly Donny Osmond. 

The Peacock -- New Clues!

6:26 PM:

- "I loved being able to perform without anyone knowing who I was."

- "I've had so many different incarnations of my career, and everyone thinks they know me."

- "I started off as a teeny bopper" and "then I was cast in some dramatic roles."

- Has a terrible fear of heights.

- Passes by black-and-white photo of screaming fans.

OUR GUESS: We're still pretty sure it's Donny Osmond, and the clues still seem to fit.

The Judges Share Their Deer Guesses

6:19 PM:

The Deer performed a cover of Florida Georgia Line's "Get Your Shine On," and sounds very country with his voice.

Everything about the performance had the panel guessing he's an athlete (because he is).

Joel guessed it's Brett Favre (after saying it was the best performance he's ever seen from a deer in a gas mask), while Robin added that it could be Ben Roethlisberger.

However, Nicole made us smile when she guessed it could be Terry Bradshaw. Quite frankly this might be the first time the panel guesses correctly (if we're right, that is).

The Deer also gave us a few more clues, explaining that he "started in track and field," and then made another reference to working with horses.

The Deer -- New Clues

6:14 PM:

-Says previous loss made him feel like he was "off his game."

- Says he used to do commericals for things. (Endorsements?)

- The Deer says he's good at throwing things, and hints at football past.

- In his fake commercial, has more sports trophy on the desk.

It's still looking like it's Terry Bradshaw to us!

The Panel's Wild Guesses

6:10 PM:

The Lion killed it with an amazing performance of Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" that did nothing but make guessing her identity harder.

Jenny says she's got to be a professional singer, eventually suggesting Kelly Rowland. Nicole disagrees and thinks The Lion sounds like an actress who can sing.

Joel says she looked like "a sexy belt buckle," and later suggests it could be Emily Blunt, for some reason.

Robin says the voice sounds "seasoned" or "older."

Nicole says it could be Hailey Baldwin, because of the newspaper headline in the clue package.

Finally, she gives us one last clue: when asked if she has any platinum albums, The Lion says she has "nothing platinum or gold on my walls... yet."

The Lion -- New Clues!

6:05 PM:

- Activism signs (like #CageFree and #FreePride). Is she a political activist?!

- Footage of women's suffrage protests.

-"I tell my pride, 'You have to be strong and stand up for what you believe in.'"

-Holds up a newspaper with the headline "Gold Found in Hailey"

Joel McHale Is Already the Best

6:04 PM:

Joel's first words on the panel perfect sum up everything we feel about this show: "I already feel like I'm on drugs."

Tonight's Line-Up

6:02 PM:

The Lion, The Deer, The Peacock, The  Unicorn and The Monster are all facing off!

We've got our line-up, we've got our special judge and we're off and running on this week's hour of detective work!

New Clues In Store?

5:59 PM:

With only 10 singers left on the show (and the format of The Masked Singer being rather bizarre) it's hard to tell what we can expect going forward.

More face-to-face battles? More clues? Maybe more than one reveal per episode? It's actually exciting just to see how the format of the show develops as more and more masks come off!

For more on Fox's wildly weird and wonderfully over-the-top new reality series, check out the video below!


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