John Travolta Encourages 'Dancing with the Stars' Love Affair in Surprise Pop-In


After her past two performances were riddled with flubs, Kirstie Alley requested the advice of one of her dear friends who happens to be one of the famous dancers in the world - John Travolta.

"For the last two weeks we sort of screwed up," Kirstie told Maksim Chmerkovskiy. The actress went on to introduce John, saying, "I think we need someone else's opinion, so I've taken the liberty - don't kill me - to bring in a dance doctor."

John's first order of business was to ensure that Kirstie's shoes were secure fastened, playfully suggesting she wear sneakers as opposed to her "fancy" Manolo Blahnik heels.

John quickly moved on to the question everyone's been asking: "Romantically, what's going on here?" acting disappointed when Kirstie assured the 'Grease' star that her relationship with Maks was platonic.

"This is the problem," said John. "The audience senses that. There's romantic tension. So why don't you go off and do something about it and come back and let's see if there's a difference."

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