Selena Gomez on Paparazzi Frenzy over Bieber Vacation: 'I Don't Like it'


Fresh from a highly-publicized holiday with boyfriend Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez stops to chat with ET's Samantha Harris on the red carpet of the 2011 MTV Movie Awards about the paparazzi's obsession with her love life, and the real dangers of social media. 

While Selena acknowledges the constant paparazzi attention "comes with the territory" of celebrity, she admits that she "[doesn't] like it personally, but its kind of part of the job."

As Gomez, and other celebrities have come to find their own voice through social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, there is also the very real danger of impersonators and hackers, which the young star has some experience with. "I got hacked one time," she tells Samantha. "They just hacked it, and we hacked it back and I apologized to my fans."

"Dancing with the Stars" alum Chelsea Kane stopped by with newly-debuted boyfriend, former "Laguna Beach" star Steven Colleti. Kane, who is an avid fan of Twitter, says the threat of being hacked is "always a concern," but feels the close relationship she cultivates with her fans via social media would help followers distinguish between her tweets and an imposter's. In the case she would ever be hacked, Kane believes her fans "would know the difference, that [she] would never say anything to offend them or something rude or crude or anything like that."

Watch the video to hear more from the celebrities about their experience with hackers.