Dr. Drew Asks Bristol Palin If Sex with Levi Johnston 'Felt Like Rape'


Dr. Drew Pinsky sits down for an interview with Bristol Palin and at one point asks her whether the sex she had with Levi Johnston that resulted in her getting pregnant at age 17 "felt like rape." 

The oldest daughter of Republican political figure Sarah Palin told Pinsky she does have regrets about her decision to begin having sex while dating Johnston. "It was a night that I look back on with the adult eyes that I have now, and I just realize that that was so stupid. That was so stupid to lie to my mom, and to have those series of bad decisions that I made all in one night. But it was definitely life changing."

Dr. Drew pointed out what Bristol herself has acknowledged, that she lost her virginity to Levi after getting drunk for the first time while on a camping trip. "But one of them was intoxicated. In California, that would be a rape. Is it the same in Alaska?" Bristol responds: "I don't know the laws on it, but I'm not accusing Levi of rape or anything like that, obviously."

Pinsky then poses the question: "Did it feel like a rape?" Bristol answers: "It was consensual because I stayed with him for years after that."

You can catch Dr. Drew's entire primetime interview with Bristol tonight at 9 p.m. on HLN.