Piers Morgan on Winehouse Death: Friends & Family Need to do some 'Soul Searching'


News of Amy Winehouse's death this past Saturday came as a terrible and somewhat inevitable turn of events. ET's Nancy O'Dell spoke with fellow Brit and the host of "Piers Morgan Tonight," Piers Morgan about the troubled Grammy-winning singer.

Piers says he learned of Winehouse's passing through Twitter, telling Nancy that his initial reaction to the singer's demise was "sadness" rather than "shock." "It was drugs, it was alcohol, it was bad people around her, bad boyfriends, bad husbands, everything was wrong around her life. It was all unstable, it was all chaotic, it was all inevitably going to make her life worse."

Although an initial coroner's report was inconclusive, Morgan believes that drugs and alcohol are the cause of Amy's death, adding friends and family should also share in the burden of Winehouse's destructive lifestyle. "The family seemed very dysfunctional to me," explains Piers. "Yes she's to blame for being the way she was to a large degree but I think a lot of people should be soul searching today about why they weren't with her. How could a girl with that talent and that acclaim around the world die in an apartment, on her own apparently, with all those drugs inside her? To me, it doesn't make any sense that something like that should happen."

Watch the video to hear more of Nancy's candid interview with Piers, including how his friend and "America's Got Talent" co-host Sharon Osbourne has been dealing with the tragedy in light of husband Ozzy and daughter Kelly's history of substance abuse.

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