'Bachelorette' Ashley's No Longer a Single Lady: J.P. Put A Ring On It!


"The Bachelorette"'s Ashley Hebert is officially off the market after falling head over heels in love with J.P. The season finale wasn't without its trials and tribulations though.

Ashley's opinionated older sister cast her doubts over her chemistry with J.P., even insinuating that Brad Womack was a better match. Although desperately seeking confirmation from her family, Ashley went with her own gut feeling to accept J.P.'s proposal and reject Ben's.

As Ben took his stance at the proposal site, Ashley attempted to speak her mind to prevent him from complete humiliation. Before she could utter a word, Ben poured out his heart and dropped to one knee. Ashley stopped him when he went to place the ring on her baron finger. Clearly upset and appearing angered, the deflated Ben walked away with his head hanging low. When Ashley tried to comfort him, he told her not to "sugar coat" the heartbreaking situation.

The tears of sadness quickly turned to tears of joy when J.P. arrived on the beach. Taking a "leap of faith," the Long Island native asked for Ashley's hand in marriage and professed his love in a beautiful monologue. This was a proposal she wouldn’t refuse, so he slipped a Neil Lane sparkler onto her dainty finger.

For more of their happily ever after, the couple sat with Chris Harrison on "After the Final Rose," afterwards on ABC on Monday night. Tomorrow, ET will speak to Ashley and J.P. to see what the future has in store for the lovebirds.