Ashley's Sister and J.P. Reconcile on 'Bachelorette: After the Final Rose'


Ashley Hebert's sister Chrystie was a scene stealer on the season finale of "The Bachelorette." She gave a very low approval rating for J.P., instead favoring Ben and even bringing Brad Womack back into the mix.

The over protective big sis defended her motives on "After the Final Rose," saying, "Ben seemed like the lifestyle that she wanted to live. I wanted to make sure she wasn't so caught up in the process that she was forgetting the things she's always said that she wanted."

Since watching the season play out on television and getting to know J.P. better personally, she admitted, "Clearly, I feel like the biggest jerk ever and I can't even apologize enough...Shame on me for being so quick to judge." J.P. forgivingly accepted her sincere remorse and the two hugged it out. The reconciled family looks forward to spending holidays as a harmonious unit.

One such occasion that will bring the family together is the joyous wedding joining Ashley and J.P. in holy matrimony. The couple won't be sprinting down the aisle anytime son. Ashley will be finishing dental school “in about a month” and will be setting up house with J.P. in New York City. The groom-to-be elaborated, "Once things are a little more stable, we'll start talking about wedding planning."

Also on "After the Final Rose," Ben had the opportunity to confront Ashley for the first time since she ditched him in Fiji. He posed the question, "When did you make the decision? At what point did you know?" Ashley responded, "There was a period of time where I thought you were the one I was going to be leaving with, but in the end, it gets to a point where you just have to follow your heart and that's what I did. I never thought that the day I would get engaged would also be a day that would be so gut-wrenching, especially for Ben."

Throughout their debut appearance as an engaged couple, Ashley and J.P. packed on the PDA to show America just how in love they are. Fans craving more romance and heartbreak can tune in to "Bachelor Pad," premiering Monday, August 8 on ABC.